Willing to increase backlinks & traffic for your website? Read carefully…

SEO is still the best source to build traffic and business. You may already know that link building is the only way to improve search engine ranking and to improve overall traffic.

A very common scenario: Many webmasters start a website business by investing huge on domain, design and development, then start their SEO efforts by adding few backlinks.

As they see no changes in rankings, they give it up.

It is confusing: but, the fact is that "Link building is a number game" if you build several links and stop from there, you may never see your site on top search results. Search engine ranking for your keyword(s) depends on its competitiveness and number of backlinks as well as many other factors.

More competitive your keyword, more backlinks your site may need to rank. If your target keyword has NO much competition, you can EASILY rank well on search engine results (SERPs) with the help of just a few backlinks.

But wait… You need to know something…

Not all backlinks are same. Many webmasters try to fool search engines by using manipulative backlink building tactics. Sometimes, they even manage to get success in achieving top rankings. However, such a success may not last for a longer period. If you wish to stay on search results in the long run, then don't make such mistakes. SEO is all about investment and long term ROI.

You should only focus on legitimate backlink tactics - For real long term returns…

If you want to hire an SEO Company, make an informed decision. You can't build business with strategies that deliver short-lived results, followed by nothing else!

800% Growth In Traffic - How Quality Backlinks Can Skyrocket Search Traffic?

Here is an example, how naturally grown, good quality backlinks can build long term traffic. One of our client's site was receiving poor traffic from search engines when they contacted us in early July 2010. We started SEO campaign for their site using white-hat link building and SEO strategies. Within a year, their traffic increased by 800% and reached to 1200 to 1600% for few days!

The client is still enjoying top rankings just like many of our other clients because of permanent backlink strategies we used. Check their traffic growth graph from StatCounter.

Traffic Graph

Which kind of backlinks DON'T really work?

There are many so-called; self claimed link-building experts who are offering their backlink services at very cheap rates. All they do is, offer low quality and sometime spammy backlinks.

Beware: Here are few reasons why such solution fails...

  • Link building using same strategy. No diverse backlink profile.

  • Backlinks from some kind of "link networks".

  • Backlinks using same anchor texts.

  • Building links too quickly.

  • Low quality backlinks which are rarely indexed by search engines.

  • Sometime even using automated spam softwares.

OK, So how to rank my site on top search results?

All you need is certain number of good quality backlinks from variety of sites… The backlinks should be from original and relevant content whenever possible. If you're not sure exactly how many backlinks you need to rank, let us know your keyword and we can give you a rough idea for the same… Absolutely FREE!

Let us help you with our quality backlink building services.

We are a leading SEO company offering link-building solutions and have helped more than 3500 online businesses since inception. You can review our client's "validated testimonials" to check how they have achieved top rankings for their websites with our help.

Link Building Service

What can you expect from us? Here are several benefits of using our services.

  • Multiple strategies: We build backlinks using variety of strategies, this make your site's ranking "algorithm update proof" and more natural. If you focus building backlinks using single strategy, you may not always expect your site on top results and search engine updates their algorithm over regularly. Our all-in-one backlink packages comes with links from various authentic sources; they can be links from every type of website such as article sites, blogs, forums, web directories, news sites and social sites.

  • Only effective strategies: We do trial and error with a variety of strategies on our own websites first, before we offer them to our clients. If any strategy works for us, we offer that to our clients.

  • Long term results: We focus on links from original content instead of links from spun articles or duplicate content. That helps to keep your backlink in Google index for a longer period and thus you gets its real benefit.

  • No Blackhat: We never use blackhat strategies which work for shorter period and then send any website to darkness of SERPs due to such algorithmic manipulative strategies.

  • Transparent service: Get reports and alerts every time we complete any task.

  • Guarantee: We offer one year link replacement guarantee. If for any reason, you find your link removed. We replace it for free.

  • Personalised support: we offer personalised support and help to webmaster to get ranked. After all, every niche is different and according to niche and keyword competitiveness, you may need customized solution.

Check few of our readily available and top selling backlink building packages below.

1 SE Top #1 Page

Google Top #1 Page

  • No limited Backlinks
  • Guaranted Your webpage or backlink page in Google Top #1 Page
  • 30 Days to Complete
  • 100% SEO Friendly
  • 1 Keywords allowed
  • Detailed final report.

Price: $99

3 SE Top #1 Page

Google/Yahoo/Bing Top #1 Page

  • No limited Backlinks
  • Guaranted Your webpage or backlink page in Google/Yahoo/Bing Top #1 Page
  • 30-45 Days to Complete
  • 100% SEO Friendly
  • 1 Keywords allowed
  • Detailed final report.

Price: $199

3-3 SE Top #1 Page

Google/Yahoo/Bing Top #1 Page

  • No limited Backlinks
  • Guaranted Your webpage or backlink page(at least 3 pages) in Google/Yahoo/Bing Top #1 Page
  • 30-60 Days to Complete
  • 100% SEO Friendly
  • 1 Keywords allowed
  • Detailed final report.

Price: $299